Citat från Gungnir of Norway

We’re already ecstatic about the outcome of this year’s FIBO, and it hasn’t even started yet! We are so proud and humbled to announce that we have won the 2022 Fibo Innovation award for the category ”Performance.”

The jury’s reasoning included several of the ”pains” of external collars. They also had the values our products bring to the table or gym. This means a lot to us! Again, Thank you for the recognition!

We believe it will help us in what we are trying to achieve: creating a collar free world, one customer at the time.

The Allrounder, skivstången med inbyggda lås från Gungnir of Norway

Inte första priset Gungnir of Norway vinner

Skivstången #TheAllrounder från Gungnir of Norway har vunnit det prestigefyllda 2021 Red Dot Award för enastående produktdesign.

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